Chocolate-Cinnamon Breakfast Shake

This recipe comes from Teresa Gingle. It helps you wake up in the morning with a delicious and healthy chocolate-cinnamon shake. Chocolate-Cinnamon Breakfast Shake 2 scoops Balance Complete 2 drops Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil 1 banana 1 tablespoon organic cacao ½ cup plain yogurt ¼ cup almond milk 6 ice cubes Directions: Mix all ingredients together and […]

Protect Your Skin with Progessence

Here’s another product to protect your skin! Progesterone creams are supposed to soothe and comfort, yet many products contain harmful petrochemicals that can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation and clogged pores. Young Living’s Progessence Cream contains only safe, natural ingredients formulated to rejuvenate your skin. Progessence™ Cream contains a powerful blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils, progesterone, richly […]

Lipozyme For A Healthy 2014!

Lipozyme™ is a powerful fat-digesting complex that aids digestion and enhances absorption of nutrients. In addition to the vital enzyme lipase, this formula contains a proprietary blend of essential oils. Lipozyme contains 200 mg of Lipase and 40 mg of Pancreatin 10X per serving. (180 caps) How to use: Take 1-2 capsules three times daily just before […]

Stay Young with Ultra Young

Ultra Young™ (WITHOUT DHEA) – 1 oz – is a revolutionary spray supplement that supports healthy pituitary and growth hormone secretion. It contains Vicia faba, which contains L-dopa. A 1976 National Institute of Aging study found that administration of L-dopa to patients over 60 years of age resulted in a dramatic increase in growth hormone levels. […]